REPORTS & EMAIL SERVICE:  yotreps@oceantracking.com

(Further changes are likely)

The YOTREPS e-mail list server delivers weather, news and information services to boats at sea. It is specifically designed for those whose only e-mail access is slow and possibly expensive. Care has been taken to give users direct control over the postings they receive and that postings are: up to date, as small as possible, and contain no redundant text or spam.

Messages available include:


How to receive list postings
There are three ways in which you can receive postings:

  1. On demand - you receive only a single copy of the message when you request it.
  2. As a scheduled delivery that's automatically sent to you each time the message content is updated.
  3. If you have web access, by viewing the page that displays the message (use the page links below to see samples)

The basic procedure for ordering either a single posting of a particular message or scheduled deliveries is to send a plain text message to the list with a command word in the message body. For example, to obtain the system help file with list of all valid command words send a plain text message to yotreps@oceantracking.com the list with just the word "HELP" (without quotes) in the message body. Within 10 minutes of receiving your request, the list server will post back to you a copy of its help file.


# List server help file See a copy of the help file



# 0000 UTC Boat report summary Frequency: daily at 0000 UTC See a sample

This daily summary is a compact list of all position and weather reports received from boats within the past 24 hours. Its great advantage for boats at sea is that it gives valuable information on the position and weather being experienced by boats on a similar route. It is useful to know the positions, courses and speeds of other vessels close by, particularly at night, and weather currently affecting those ahead of you may well be an indicator of conditions you will encounter later.

No need to spend time plotting out the 000 Summary, the e-mail format in which you receive them loads directly into the YOTREPS Reporter


# Pacific Seafarer's Net Roll Call Frequency: usually daily but depends upon the net having a controller/scribe available See the previous roll call

This page shows a summary of reports received by the previous net session of the Pacific Seafarer's Net. The Pacific Seafarer's Net operates daily at 0300UTC on 14.300MHz. It is an amateur radio net, and welcomes participation from all licensed amateurs. In an emergency the net offers its services to anyone able to make contact.


# Bob McDavitt's Pacific Weathergrams Frequency: Informal - approx. weekly See a sample

Bob has been providing his Pacific Weathergrams form the very earliest days of YOTREPS. His thoughtful insights into long term Pacific weather are greatly valued by cruisers and island residents alike. Bob gives special attention to conditions on popular cruising routes and at times when cyclone or other extreme weather activity is likely.

# Fiji Fleet codes Frequency: Daily See a sample

Fleet Codes are a long established international standard for encoding isobars as 5 figure groups. For decades they were sent in Morse and plotted manually but these days, with the use of e-mail and a simple plotter program, the system has gained an upsurge of interest as a quick and accurate way of obtaining a synoptic chart. For Fleet Code plotter software, See the PhysPlot page.