The following list includes all boats that have submitted YOTREPS reports within the past 2 weeks. Click on the track link to see a plot of their last positions.

YOTREPS ID Boat name # Post card # Position track
AI4QI Footprint Yes track
CFN6398 Blowin' Bubbles Yes track
DL1POK No track
K6IDD No track
K7RV No track
KD6ULZ Kiapa Nui Yes track
ke7yap New Dawn Yes track
KG7AMD Pied-a-Mer III No track
KG7LDZ No track
KI6ENO No track
KI6QMA Obsession Yes track
KI7HRP No track
KI7UBD No track
KK6FHZ Yes track
KL4OO No track
KM6LXM No track
MYPI7 Blue Velvet of Sark Yes track
VE0KSL No track
VK2HBH Yes track
W2FAT Yes track
WDE3814 Yes track
WDH2254 Yes track
wdj9035 Yes track

# How do I get my boat name to appear alongside my YOTREPS identifier?
# How do I add a Post card note to my position plot?
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