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Shoreside supporters

For shoreside friends and relatives of boat crews, YOTREPS provides and easy and convenient way of keeping up to date with progress. With the boat tracker page there's no need to understand latitude and longitude to see the positions, course and speed of the most recent check-ins in a particular sea area. By entering the name/callsign of a particupating boat you can see a plot of it's last 10 positions and for those with their own web sites, a custom URL link is available to enable visitors to see a plot of the last 10 reports from an individual boat.

Reporting boats

As a reporting boat, your offshore position and weather reports are useful. Useful to weather forecasters as check on their atmospheric modeling, to shoreside friends and family wanting to keep up to date with your progress and a useful contribution to long term data base of ocean cruising weather.

To get your reports into the scheme, they need to be prepared in a standard YOTREPS plain text format and submitted as an e-mail. Here are some ways that this can be achieved while on passage although not all require you to have e-mails equipment aboard your boat:

  1. As a radio Amateur The  runs daily on 14.300 mHz at 0325 UTC and routinely forwards reports from boats that check in.This a single side band voice net and so has the advantage that you do not need to be equiped for sending e-mails from you boat. Other nets are welcome to take part though to use any Amateur service you will need a current Amateur Licence with HF privileges.

  2. As a non-amateur you can use marine band HF phone frequencies to relay your reports to any other station that's able to forward them by regular e-mail. This could be through a marine band net or another vessel, with third party amateur or e-mail capabilities.

  3. Use HF e-mail to forward your reports through an HF to E-mail gateway. There are several commercial and Amateur stations around the world that provide this service e.g.Brunei Bay Radio,Bushmail Globe Wireless, MarineNet,WinLink or Sailmail, If you are not familiar with HF e-mail the guide provided by Airmail is thoroughly recommended. The same site includes free downloads of Airmail software which is used to send and receive HF e-mail messages.

  4. Use a satellite service to forward your reports as a regular e-mail.

For details on how to prepare your reports see:Submitting Reports. Finally before setting off on your voyage, please take a moment to enter your vessel details in the YOTREPS Members section


Shore side radio enthusiasts

If you are a land based radio enthusiast with an interest in sailing and meteorology, why not join as a net reporter? You'd be most welcome as we're regularly looking for new members to join the team and help build the report data base. By sharing radio schedules, individual monitors work only as much as feels comfortable. As little as an hour a week is a valuable contribution. Contact: Pangolin tech support for more details